Dinner Lab Charlotte

We recently got invited to check out the first ever Dinner Lab event in Charlotte. Whats Dinner Lab? Its a self described social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the conventional restaurant experience. Dinner Lab events bring together a group of interesting strangers around a common table to share cuisine crafted by up-and-coming chefs from all over the country.

They don’t dictate what our chefs cook, but instead give them a platform to tell a story through their menus – recipes that speak to their background or heritage, ingredients they are passionate about, or completely new dishes they’ve been experimenting with on days away from the restaurant. Their platform flips the traditional “dinner out” on its head by putting chefs at the center stage and giving our diners a voice in the process. Each time you attend an event, your feedback and suggestions are shared with the chef so that he or she can iterate and improve on their menu concept. With your input, aspiring chefs are given the tools they need to effectively prototype new dishes and tweak recipes to help them create the next great restaurant concept.

Our event was called an “Espelette Eatery” held at the Fletcher School and was prepared by Chef Aaron Grosskopf. This was by far the most interesting and innovative dining experience we have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Check out the Dinner Lab website for more info on how to become a member, check out upcoming events, and learn more about the concept.


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