Dick’s Last Resort (Myrtle Beach)

I finally got around to trying Dick’s Last Resort. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor so this restaurant is right up myDick’s Last Resort  alley. I cant imagine anybody goes to Dicks for the amazing food… if they do they would be disappointed.

We had a great time with our waitress and thought the food was good but just about average. We got a burger with fries and an order of wings. The wings only came in two flavors and I got the buffalo which taste just like any other buffalo flavored wing. The burger was just another bacon cheese burger… but the fries turned out to be the best thing at the table. Crispy and dipped in ranch dressing… we could have eaten just a plate of fries and would have had a blast.

Dicks isn’t the place to go to get memorable food, but it is definitely the place to be if you want a memorable trip. The waiters will yell at you… throw things at you… and make you smile :)

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