Copper Modern Indian Cuisine

We checked out Copper Modern Indian Cuisine and even with a coupon we felt a little ripped off. We’ve been dying to try Copper for the longest time and finally made our way over to the swankiest Indian cuisine that the Dilworth neighborhood has to offer only to sit at a crooked table, almost light a menu on fire, pay out the a$$ for mediocre food and then leave feeling like it was a wasted trip.

Lets start from the begining..,

When we got to Copper we were greeted at the front door and despite having no reservations we were seated immediately with menus in hand and drinks on the way. The table however..  was so slanted that we moved all of the stuff (small plates, silverware, glasses, etc..) from the low side to the high side for fear that they would accidentally slide off the side of the table. Then while struggling to read the menu in the oh so freaking over-rated low lighting of fancy restaurants I ended up nearly lighting my menu on fire because I didn’t realize how close to the candle I was shoving my menu. Luckily for me I didn’t burn all that bad :)

Once we got around to actually ordering something we decided on starting the night with an order of garlic naan. This ended up being the highlight of the night and a solid recommendation if you mysteriously find yourself at Copper one day.

For the entrees we wanted to get one traditional dish and one modern dish so we went with the traditional chicken chettinadu and the modern chicken.

The chicken chettinadu ended up being a bowl of chunk chicken pieces in a chettinadu spiced curry with a plate of plain white rice on the side. Nothing about this dish seemed exceptional to me nor would I ever recommend it. The chicken was average, the curry wasn’t spicy, the rice was as plain as possible and I kept biting into a familiar but unidentifiable spice that seemed horribly misplaced.

Ella ended up being the unfortunate victim of the modern chicken dish. For $19 she got three bite size pieces of black sesame-apricot chili glazed chicken tikka with a coconut orange sauce and shaigam-gajar mash on the side. We will never accept the idea that three bite size pieces of chicken are worth $19 at any restaurant ever. An order of $.99 Wendy’s chicken nuggets would have been more food than was served to us. Aside from the teeny tiny portion size.. the chicken itself was average at best and left us wishing we had gone to a Chinese restaurant and ordered sesame chicken instead.

 Overpriced, under-fed and disappointed are terrible ways to leave a restaurant. We will continue to go to Cafe Nirvana to get our Indian food fix and advise the masses to steer clear of Copper.

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