Cluck ‘N Cup

I recently checked out Cluck ‘N Cup in the SouthEnd area with my little brother and my dad and thought it was amazing!!! Only open for breakfast and lunch, Cluck ‘N Cup serves up Coffee, Chicken Pot Pies, Chicken Nachas, Chicken Wraps, Chicken etc… and from what I can tell its all worth checking out.

Inside you’ll find a relaxed cafe vibe with flowers, artwork, and plenty of chicken :)

We ended up going with the nachos, quesadilla, chicken salad, asian salad, and a bbq wrap.

The chicken nachos were piled high with mounds of Mexican cheeses, grilled chicken, fresh made salsa and sour cream. Outside of an authentic Mexican restaurant… these may just be the best nachos we’ve found in the queen city.

My little brother got the bbq chicken wrap which came wrapped in a spinach tortilla and was stuffed with grilled chicken, BACON!!!!!!!, melty cheese, and bbq sauce. I could barely get a good picture of it before he had it completely devoured.

For my entree I went with the chicken quesadilla with a side of fresh made salsa and sour cream.

The tortilla was crispy, flaky, almost a little buttery… and 100% delicious. The cheese and grilled chicken were plentiful and more than enough to fill me up.

If you closed your eyes, you’d almost think you made this quesadilla right at home :)

The side of cole slaw was pretty average…

My dad got the Asian Salad with grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, shredded cabbage, carrots, almonds, sunflower seeds and crunchy noodles with an Asian dressing.

Aside from being one of the BIGGEST salads we’ve ever come across.. it was also one of the best we’ve ever had. The real star of the salad was the mind blowing Asian dressing.. it may not seem like there’s much in the small bowl but I can guarantee that a lot goes a long way.

Not expecting the salad to be quite so BIG… my dad also got the chicken salad sandwich with a side of broccoli casserole.

All in all the sandwich was pretty average but the broccoli casserole ended up being a big hit at the table.

Cluck ‘N Cup ended up being a lot more than we had expected. The food was amazing, the service was on point, and in general the place rocks.

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