City Tavern

City Tavern is the setting of our latest review… but unfortunately we don’t have much good to say about the place :( If it weren’t for the ladies at the front door and our waitress, the trip would have completely sucked. The place looks great, the decor is fancy without being stuffy and the menu is full of all sorts of unique entrees that were begging to be tried.

The night wouldnt be right without the right drink tho… so the waitress brought me three different kinds :)


We went with the lobster ravioli and the filet mignon sandwich with the cajun chicken eggrolls as an appitizer. To start out the night we were served some focaccia bread and olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese… which was freaking delicious!!! Quite possibly one of the best bread and oil apps we’ve ever eaten.

Our appetizer came out quickly and was a unique fusion of delicious flavors. Unfortunately the side sauces that came with it were nowhere near the awesomeness of the eggrolls.

It wasn’t long before our entrees got to the table and from there the night was less than impressive. The lobster ravioli was good but certainly not the best I have ever had. The raviolis came in a red pepper sauce that just seemed very one dimensional and was lacking a little excitement.

The filet mignon sandwich was very disappointing and not at all what I was expecting. The meat was nearly awful and way too salty.. I mean like way freaking too salty. So salty its not even appropriate to consider it an opinion… its more like a factual observation. The grilled onion were fine but some pieces were really too big for a sandwich. The hoagie roll was crusty and stale around the edges and pretty much a dry piece of worthless bread. The worse part of the plate was the fries that it came with. Straight up McDonald’s french fries.. not even joking. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronald McDonald himself ate the french fires at City Tavern and couldn’t tell the difference.

The people at City Tavern were great, our waitress was really amazing and I hope one day this restaurant can put out something worth eating.

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