Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse… words escape me when trying to describe our two year Anniversary dinner at this high-end meat lovers buffet paradise. To sum it up in a few short words, Chima Brazilian Steakhouse may very well be some of the best food I have ever eaten. I unfortunately don’t have a DSLR camera yet and all of my photography is done with a cell phone (yes I’m serious) so in the low lighting of Chima almost all of the photos were crap. Nonetheless I will try my best to describe to you our experience at Chima.

Be advised, Chima offers complimentary valet parking… we had no idea, so we paid to park at a garage down the street. The ladies at the front desk were more than polite and our reservation landed us a seat with no waiting required. Our waitress was quick to come over and explain to us how the Chima system works and a few seconds later we were on our way to Meat Heaven!!!

There is an elaborate salad bar fully stocked with unique and inventive options.

If you’re at Chima you’re probably there for the meat. There are over a dozen guys walking around with various forms of delicious meat skewered on swords and they cycle through the room giving you more and more food until you’ve had your fill.

This is a sample of what we could remember eating at our dinner tonight.

  • potato chicken salad
  • ceasar salad
  • mashed potatoes
  • fried polenta
  • fried banana
  • brazilian pork
  • lamb chops
  • chicken wrapped in bacon
  • beef ribs
  • top sirloin
  • boneless chicken
  • filet mignon
  • cheese bread
  • tuna ball
  • baby sirloin with garlic
  • filet mignon wrapped in bacon

Everything we ate was freaking delicious and on its own would have easily been the star of any plate. All of these items brought together in the same room at the same time created a mindblowing flavor fusion that won’t soon be forgotten. Our favorites of the night were easily the beef ribs, top sirloin and the cheese bread.

The beef ribs were so tender that chewing honestly became an option and we found ourselves searching for the man to keep bringing more to the table. The top sirloin was… well… maybe the best thing I have ever eaten. The guy just couldn’t come around fast enough for us to get our fill and on our next trip I might just have him stand next to our table for the night and keep slicing top sirloin for us. The cheese bread was more cheese and less bread and a cheese lovers delight. Since it was our anniversary we scored free dessert which turned out to be a super light tiramisu that was just as delicious as everything else we had at Chima.

The only downside to Chima that we found was the $$$$ price tag. For a couple of poor twenty somethings Chima is definitely not the regular weekend hangout. We got free dessert… used a $20 coupon.. had no alcohol… no soda.. and still had a bill of just over $100. Not that we are complaining at all, this was a special occasion and we knew it was going to be expensive.. our only critique is that its so expensive for us poor folks that we won’t get to enjoy its amazing food all that often :(

The food, decor, service and experience at Chima all deserve high marks and would easily serve as the perfect first date or special occasion restaurant. Just be sure to bring your Platinum card and don’t dare look at the bill :)

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