Chili’s Grill & Bar

I spent the night at Chili’s Grill & Bar with the family tonight and gave the 2/$20 dinner a shot. Nothing special really.. just an ordinary night with the family eating at a longtime favorite. For $20 you get to choose one appetizer and two entrees from a pre-determined shortened menu. Luckily for me… both of my favs were on the list :)

I split the 2/$20 deal with my mom and we opted for the chips and salsa for the appitizer, I got the classic bacon burger and my mom got the cajun chicken pasta.

The chips and salsa are admittedly some of my favorite of any restaurant.. mexican or american. The salsa is thin, sweet, delicious and the tortilla chips are freshly made, slightly salty and always great :) The classic bacon burger is as you would expect… a burger with bacon on it… nothing else really needs to be said. The bun is average, the meat is juicy and cooked well, the bacon is bacon (figured that was self explanitory) and the toppings are just average. The plate comes with thick cut fries that are only made better with the complete submersionin ranch dressing. this is far from the best burger in the world.. but it has always been the steady in my life. Its classic.. its a burger.. it has bacon.. nuff said.

If you haven’t been to chili’s yet.. you’ve probably been living under a rock. Their a national chain and always have a great menu with a diverse selection of mexican inspired and classic american dishes… so check em out soon :)

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