Charlotte’s Best Burgers

If you’re looking for Charlotte’s Best Burgers you’ve come to the right place. The Charlotte Observer has a Burger Bracket Tournament, the Charlotte Burger Blog has their “Seal of Approval”, and countless other people try to lay claim to knowing where the Best Burger in Charlotte is. Well… they’re all wrong. If you wan’t to find Charlotte’s Best Burgers you needn’t look any further than one of the following five burger joints to satisfy your carnivorous craving.

Head over to Zack’s Hamburgers on South blvd (behind the gas station) and snuggle up with one The Zack’s Special burger. You get two ground beef patties with two slices of american cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, and special sauce on a toasted bun. Zack’s has been serving their special since 1975 and if you’re craving a simple burger with no frills or complications they have one of the Best Burger in Charlotte.

Zacks Hamburgers

Toast Cafe might come as a surprise to the uninitiated but make no mistake, the Boursin Burger is so damn good you’ll never want a burger without boursin again. The Toast Cafe Boursin Burger comes topped with black pepper boursin, bacon, champagne caramelized onions, garlic mayo, and a petite house salad on the side. The elevated ingredients make the boursin burger the only burger I would ever dress up for and one of the Best Burgers in Charlotte.

Toast Cafe

Firebirds has 3 dozen locations and I’m not usually a fan of chain restaurants but damn… the Smokehouse Burger is one of my favorite burgers of all time. With Java bbq sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, cheddar, and red onion on a fresh baked bun this burger is probably the freshest burger on the list and makes my mouth water just thinking about it. The bbs sauce is divine, the cheddar is freshly crumbled, the bun is so fresh it comes out with flour still on it. Take one bite and any burger aficionado will see the simple ingredients and attention to execution make this one of the Best Burgers in Charlotte.


Kickstand is one of Charlotte’s newest burger joints and their signature burger is an amazing triumph is burger creation. The Kickstand Burger has sundried tomato, basil, garlic, cranberry chutney, carmelized onions, and baked brie. Somewhere between the sun-dried tomato and the baked brie your eyes start fluttering as you enter burger nirvana and the cranberry chutney makes this one of the Best Burgers in Charlotte.


Cowbell is rising from the ashes of the former Nix Burger location in Uptown Charlotte. Cowbell has nearly 20 different burgers with the most exotic combinations in the city. I haven’t made my way through the whole list yet but so far my favorite is the NYC with Boar’s Head brisket pastrami, aged swiss, sauerkraut, and Cowbell sauce. There’s honestly too many combinations to run through in this post but you can check out the menu link here. Cowbell might be Charlotte’s newest burger bar but it doesn’t take much to see why they have some of the Best Burgers in Charlotte.


Other notable mentions include Brooks’ Sandwich House, The Liberty, Burger Co., Bad Daddy’s, Nom Nom Burgers, Bang Bang Burgers, etc… Charlotte has a thriving and increasingly competitive burger scene with many locations offering burgers that will make your head spin. If you’re on the west coast you can hit up an In-N-Out but in Charlotte you should stick to one of our Top Five.

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