CharBar No. 7

We went to CharBar No. 7 a couple nights ago to hang out with some friends and get some drinks and appetizers, We opted for the outdoor dining because it was a beautiful day. The beauty soon turned ugly when we got our menu’s…

There is no reason at all why a Hickory Tavern look-alike should be charging $8 for a house, ceasar or CB7 salad. The salad is not entree size, its side salad size… does not come with chicken ($4 more) or steak ($7 more)… and the best thing on it was the candied walnuts, everything else was just average.

We also tried the fried pickles ($7.50) which for the price should have been enough to feed everyone in our group… they weren’t. There were barely enough to be considered enough for 2 people to share. The pickles were lightly breaded and instead of cut into chips they are left in spears. Not our favorite by any means, and we would not recommend them.

The two things we got were absurdly over priced… with that said, the only thing correctly price was the selection of burgers ($8+) that CharBar offers. Yeah that’s right… you can get a burger and a side for same as a side salad. We cant recommend CharBar No. 7 until they either lower the prices or change the menu to reflect the prices.

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