Cantina 1511

My carnita quest has led me to Cantina 1511. The decor was very sophisticated without feeling stuffy and the staff was very friendly. The tableside guacomole taste great but is a little on the expensive side. Two salsas are served with a bowl of chips, one taste fire roasted and the other has traces of lime.

For dinner Ive had the carnitas johnny, carne asada, and tacos al pastor and they are amazing. The carne asada is juicy and tender as well as perfectly seasoned and artfully prepared. The carnitas were beautifully delivered and almost perfectly made. The meat was seasoned well and taste amazing tho as with most charlotte area restaurants im finding the center of the pork to be slightly dry. The tacos al pastor are just as good as the carnitas and the carne asada. Slow cooked pork with roasted pineapple have never tasted so good. For dessert you have to get the pineapple empanada… caramel, nuts, sugar, fried pastry and pineapples served with vanilla ice cream, yummy :)

If you go between 4 and 7 on weekdays you can sit at the bar and order from a variety of delicious appitizers for only $2 a piece. Its quickly become our favorite way to eat at Cantina 1511. They have tostadas, tequitos, nachos, fried chicken bites, chicken wraps and a couple other things we cant ever remember.

I would easily say this was a five star experience with the carnitas johnny deserving three stars and i would easily recommend this place to anyone.

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