Cajun Queen

After only two weeks of being back from New Orleans I find myself craving some cajun cookiing. I found the Cajun Queen on urbanspoon and decided to give it a shot. We made reservations and ended up getting seated quickly. Everything seemed to go downhill from there though…

A guy came over and filled our glasses with water and then walked away, a few minutes later a different guy walked up and said “Here are our specials tonight, do you want something other than water?”… Im by no means the pickiest person at all but I figured he would have introduced himself. He walked away for a few minutes and came back to ask “are you ready?”… Well we were in fact ready so we went ahead and placed our order.

I got chicken creole and a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and my girlriend ordered cajun popcorn and crawfish etouffe. The plates came out by yet again someone else that put our plates on the table and hastely walked away. The cajun popcorn came out about ten minutes before anything else and was meant to be a part of her dinner not an appitizer but we said oh well and started eating them. The cajun popcorn ended up being the best thing on the table that night and would make for an easy recommendation. The garlic mashed potatoes were awful, there was nothing garlic about them. The potatoes lacked any flavor beyond a russett potato that was cooked, mashed, then put in a bowl. My chicken creole came out as shrimp creole of which I had to send back and wait for a new plate to be prepared. When the new plate arrived it was less than impressive. The chicken creole tasted no better than if I were to steam some chicken breast, cook some rice and mix in some rotel. The whole plate just lacked any sense of imagination, talent or effort. My girlfriends crawfish etouffe ended up being more spicy than she could handle so after a few forced mouthfuls her dinner was over.

After sitting there for the night not enjoying our experience we finally caught a glimpse of our waiter for only the second time of the night and he said he could box up our food if we were done. A few minutes later he brought back our food with the bill and we paid then left quickly. My experience at cajun queen was awful and I would never recommend them to anybody. Theres no substitute for the real thing and I guess Im going to have to go back to NOLA to get real food and a friendly staff.

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