Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill

Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill is one of the hottest places to dine in Charlotte, NC and it wont take you long to figure out why. Cabo Fish Taco Baja Seagrill aims to recreate the authentic flavors and tastes of the popular west coast fish taco stands… but right here in Charlotte, NC. We’ve been to Cabo a few times and there are two things we have almost always found to be constants… its always busy and the food always rocks.

When we got there we were given the option of sitting at the bar or sitting at their covered outside seating area… seeing as it was raining and cold, we opted for the bar seating. The chips and salsa were quick to arrive but we’re so delicious they quickly disappeared from the table.

We rocked the chipotle pepper queso for the appitizer and with the addition of some of the salsa still left on the table.. we were in queso heaven! The reigning queso champion is still Three Amigos but Cabo is coming in at a close second.

Both of us got the Cabo Fish Taco Signature Taco’s for our entrees.. Ella rocked the Blackend Mahi-Mahi (unblackend) with a side of jalepeno mashed potatoes and I got the Grilled Serrano Chicken with the jalapeno mashed potatoes. The signature tacos come with two flour tortillas, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, mixed cheeses and a white cilantro sauce over your selection of meat. We we’re once again very impressed by the the unique fusion of the various flavors and freshness of all of the ingredients.

Our one requirement for anybody going to Cabo for the first time.. you gotta get the jalapeno mashed potatoes.

NoDa has plenty of food and art to choose from and Cabo Fish Taco fits in perfectly. If you’re in the area, especially during a NoDa gallery crawl.. you gotta check this place out!
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