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I’m sure most of you have concluded by now that I am somewhat of a burger enthusiast.. connoisseur.. aficionado.. whatever. We’ve already enjoyed the burger creations at both Pinky’s and Penguin, so it was only natural that our next stop would be the semi-famous Burger Co.

With an immense menu of mouthwatering, artery clogging goodies it was pretty hard to make up our minds. Do we get a regular burger or a stuffed burger, a hot dog or nachos, or maybe just some BBQ chicken salad. After hearing that the meat gets ground fresh in house every day.. I couldn’t resist the urge to sink my teeth into a stuffed burger.

After much deliberation we decided on an array of greasy / trashy appetizers and burgers (our favorite kind) . We started the night with the fried pickles and chicken wings.

The fried pickles were pretty good, but not very consistent. Some were cut nice and thin and some fat, some were super crispy and others not so much. I’ve never had a fried pickle that I didn’t like, but these needed a little work.

The teriyaki chicken wings were delicious. Ten wings for $7.50 makes them slightly cheaper than most places and they were thick and juicy enough to easily recommend.

Ella ordered the pimento burger with pimento cheese, tomato and bacon and a side of sweet potato tater tots with cinnamon sugar butter. The burger itself was nice and juicy and had lots of flavor. The pimento cheese was lacking a little personality, but the bacon made up for that. All in all it was good burger.

The tots were awesome and definitely Ella’s favorite part of the meal. She was really exited to try something that she had never had before. That’s something that doesn’t happen often. They were sweet and crunchy and matched perfectly with the cinnamon butter.

I got the Freemore stuffed burger with BBQ sauce, onion rings, bacon, tomatoes and stuffed with cheddar cheese.

This was definitely an A-Class burger and with the addition of a better bun this would be one of the best burgers in Charlotte.

The bacon was thick, the cheese was melted within the patty, and the BBQ sauce  / onions rings were the perfect additions.

Burger Co. easily wins our favorite burger for the neighborhood. Pinky’s failed to impress us twice in a row and they’re not likely to get a third shot after our trip to the Burger Co. If you’re in the area and looking for some artery clogging deep fried deliciousness you need to check out the Burger Co.

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