Brooks Sandwich House

Brooks Sandwich House is the setting for our latest recap. Located in the NoDa area just outside of Uptown Charlotte, Brooks Sandwich House has been in operation since the 1970’s and remains as authentic today as it has for decades.

We’ve been trying to make our way over to Brooks Sandwich House for months but with operational hours of 7am – 2pm Monday through Friday we just kept missing our opportunity and its taken us alot longer to get here than we expected.

On the inside you’ll find there’s no seating, no “real” ordering line, no fancy decor, or anything else that resembles your average restaurant  Instead you walk in the front door and are immediately standing in the kitchen with only a counter between you and Brooks’ World Famous Burgers.

After carefully considering what to get on our first trip and a little persuasion from the staff we decided to go for a bacon cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger “all the way”, a hot dog “all the way”, french fries, and a sweat tea.

One of the things that Brooks’ is best know for is their chili. Its pretty much considered an atrocity to dine at Brooks’ without getting chili on something. Brooks’ World Famous Chili is even being sold at your local Harris Teeter… that’s how important this stuff is.

And they don’t hesitate to make plenty of it.. and put it on anything you want :)

So after a few minutes of waiting and looking around, we realized just how much Brooks’ reminded us of our favorite burger joint in Lynchburg “Texas Inn” aka the “T” Room. The rustic, authentic, local, anti-glamour type of foodie hangout that makes non-locals easy to point out.

Then we got our food and headed outside to find out if Brooks’ was all hype.. or whether or not locals had been on to something for the last few decades.


Brooks’ lacks a lot of the creature comforts traditional to most restaurants but it doesn’t seem to damper anybody’s craving for their mouthwatering and handcrafted burgers. We walked outside and quickly realized we had four options

  1. Bring the food home
  2. Eat in our car
  3. Eat on our car
  4. Eat at the long wooden table in the shade
It was an absolutely beautiful day so we chose to take full advantage of the quality lighting and setup on the hood of our super fancy Pontiac Grand Am. 

To say the food looked too good to take pictures would be an understatement. All I could think of was how quickly I wanted to get the photos out of the way so my teeth could sink deep into the handcrafted and perfectly cooked hamburger patty topped with cheese, bacon, onions, chili, and mustard.

Love at first bite is the best way to describe our experience at Brooks’.

And after a few minutes of the HOT.. HOT.. HOT sun beating down on us we sought out refuge in the shade and relocated our grub to the long wooden table behind the restaurant.

After consuming every last bite and taking a long hard look from an outsiders perspective of the restaurant and the claim of being “Home of the World’s Best Burger”… we decided it fell a little shy of the high expectation we had at the beginning.

It was love at first bite and we would definitely recommend it to any foodie looking to get a taste of Charlotte’s history.

But with that aside… it was not “Home of the World’s Best Burger”. Instead we found it to be home of a really good and fresh made piece of Charlotte burger bliss.

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  1. Jimmie Love says:

    Tell me more about that “sweat tea”!!!

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