Brigs of Ballantyne

Brigs of Ballantyne has quite the extensive breakfast menu so we decided to give them a shot this morning and see how they stack up. We had been here once before during the opening week but ended up going to Zeitouni Grill instead because the dinner menu didn’t look like anything all that special as compared to their breakfast menu. The feel of the restaurant is sorta old / doesn’t really have much of a personality and way too much brown decor but the waitress and the food were on point.

After about 15 minutes of uncertainty… we finally figured out what we wanted for breakfast. I got the Aztec Scrumptious Scrambles which came with Eggs scrambled with bacon, jalapenos and sour cream. Then topped with cheddar-jack cheese, fire-baked and served with salsa, homefries and toast. Ella got the Oskar Benedict with Blue crab and asparagus on a toasted English muffin, topped with two poached fresh eggs and Hollandaise sauce with a side of fresh fruit and homefries.

The Aztec scrambled aggs were freaking delicious!!!

Probably one of the few times I have ever eaten scrambled eggs other than my own and actually thought they were cooked well. The bacon and jalapenos fire baked into the eggs smothered with sour cream and cheese was one of the best scrambled egg dishes I have ever eaten. I’m pretty sure the toast was stale but with some strawberry jam I ate it anyway.

The Oskar Benedict was very tasty. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite dishes and I had never had it with crab before so I was exited to try it. The hollandaise sauce was nicely done and went perfect with the crab and asparagus. The potatoes were yummy though not the best but they were a nice addition to the meal.

For breakfast… Brigs is an easy recommendation. If You’re in Midwood go to Zada Janes… If you’re in Southpark go to the Original Pancake House.. but if you’re in Ballantyne go to Brigs :)

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