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We hit up BLT Steak last night after receiving an invitation and it was quite the memorable night :) BLT Steak is a premier steak house with only 11 locations world-wide in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Waikiki and Hong Kong. Not to mention the super-star chef Gordon Ramsey awarded the season nine “Hell’s Kitchen” winner the head chef position at BLT Steak New York… that’s a pretty nice endorsement for BLT Steak and a sweet addition to the growing Charlotte restaurant scene.

We had a little issue with parking when we arrived.. we parked in the BofA parking deck next to the Ritz Carlton and for some reason when we got out of the car ended up walking in the complete wrong direction out of the parking deck and fining ourselves in a series of “Twilight Zone” hallways with doors that wouldn’t lead us to the outside. Fortunately for us we found an exit after a little bit of searching (though it was the complete wrong side of the building) and we were on our way to our 7:30 reservation.

When got to BLT Steak with 5 minutes to spare and ended up getting seated right away. Throughout the night we met a host of different people… the crumb lady.. the water guy.. the manager.. but the one that really stuck with us was our waiter. He balanced a perfect blend of professionalism and personality throughout the night, he was always on point and he really made our experience worthy of five stars.

To start the night off we were brought gruyere popovers which turned out to be the perfect match for our appitizer.

We had ordered the grilled double cut bacon which came out thick sliced and covered in a chimichurri sauce. We didn’t think there could possible be a better way to start off the night than by ordering bacon for the app and we we’re right :)

For the entree’s we went with the Rack of Lamb, New York Strip Steak, BBQ Corn, Creamed Spinach, Parmesan Gnocchi and the Baked Potato. To say we ordered a feast would be an understatement… once the food arrived there wasn’t an inch left on the table that didn’t have something tantalizing waiting for us to dive into.

The rack of lamb was served crusted in herb bread crumbs, roasted garlic and a bearnaise sauce.. The lamb was moist, tender, very flavorful and cooked perfectly. The crust added a nice difference in texture and the sweetness of the roasted garlic with the acid in the bernaise sauce made for a perfect rack of lamb.

The creamed spinach was warm and creamy and went perfectly with the lamb. It was served with a touch of nutmeg that added a fun and interesting flavor to the spinach.

BBQ CORN!!!! Definitely one of the best things we have ever eaten and a new Foodie Favorite. We spent most of the night trying to figure out how to re-create this dish at home and the best way we could think to describe it was…. its sorta like they took sweet whole corn and mixed in some heavy cream.. or creamed corn.. then mixed in a little bbq sauce that was sweet with a tiny kick in the end, then mixed in thick bacon pieces (bacon makes everything better) and topped it off with chives. Now we’re not saying that’s how its made or even close… but what we are saying is that you would be doing yourself a HUGE injustice by not getting it on your next visit to BLT Steak.

The New York Strip was a 14oz juicy and tender piece of BLT Steak perfection. All of their beef is USDA Prime or Certified Angus® brand and naturally aged before they broil it at 1700 degrees and then finished off with herb butter. This process gives all of the steaks a distinctive char-grilled flavor and is the exact reason BLT Steaks is so popular.

The Baked Potato was enormous and came topped with fontina cheese, smoked bacon (are you seeing a theme here???) and truffle oil.

Last but not least was the Parmesan Gnocchi, which was soft and fluffy with traces of nutmeg and topped with a mountain of permesan cheese.

Despite being completely stuffed and feeling like we were going to pop any second.. we decided it would be a sacrilege to leave without getting dessert. We finished off the night with a Dubliner Coffee and an Apple Crisp.

The Dubliner Coffee was made with steamed milk, espresso, brown sugar and a heavy amount of Irish whiskey.

We rounded the night out with our Apple Crisp and it was the perfect way to end the evening. The apple crisp was served warm and a small amount of ice cream was served on top which added just a little creaminess to the dish.

BLT Steak is a great addition to the ever expanding Charlotte restaurant scene. Though some people may not like that it lack’s a kids playground.. tacky uniforms and quirky menu items, we had a great night and would recommend BLT Steak for those looking for a more intimate and elevated dining experience.


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