Big View Diner

I stopped by the Big View Diner for breakfast during a group outing and was pretty impressed. Located just south of Ballantyne, the Big View Diner is in a prime location for the huge growth potential of south Charlotte. The whole restaurant was decorated in a New York chic style with plush leathers, gorgeous woods and elegant lighting. Big View Diner definitely made you feel like you were somewhere pretty fancy.

The breakfast menu still had the typical diner options and prices but with an upscale touch. The whole restaurant had a unique upscale chic touch except for the odd Richard Petty painting in the bar area.

I opened my menu and the first thing I saw was the huevos rancheros. I am a huge fan of this dish so there is no way I could pass it up. After a few minutes my plate was in front of me and I dove into chorizo bliss :)

The huevos rancheros were pretty good.. not as good as the bunny rancheros at Zada janes though. The ingredients were fresh and plentful, but the chorizo was served still rolled in a tube as opposed to being ground up and served scattered throughout the dish. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the black beans were cooked well and the spicy sauce over top was strangely addictive.

I had a great breakfast at Big View Diner and would definitely recommend it if you’re in the area. The place is decorated beautifully, the staff was incredibly helpful and the food was on point.

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