Bayona (New Orleans)

On my third day in New Orleans I have found myself at Bayona for lunch. Make sure you get here before 1:30 becasue they close for a few hours to setup for dinner and the prices go even higher. We had reservations and were seated promptly upon arrival and found the staff to be attentive and friendly.

For lunch there was a pre-set menu for $25 and I got to choose three dishes from a long list of options. I started my lunch with smoked salmon macaroni and asparagus, followed by a chicken tamale, then wrapped up everything with a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The smoked salmon macaroni was delicious, and I dont even like seafood. The star of the experience was by far the chicken tamale. I didnt expect much of a tamale from bayona but they really blew me away. The tamale was perfect in every way possible and was served with a side of black bean puree that was mindblowing. I loved the dish enough to say its the best tamale I’ve ever had… and the best preperation for black beans Ive ever had. The ice cream ended up being two scoops of average ice cream and left me wishing I had been more adventurous with my last choice.

I would say the only complaints I had after leaving were high prices and small portions. With that aside, overall bayona surpassed my expectations and I easily recommend.

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