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We just got back from Basil Thai Cuisine in Uptown Charlotte and have quite the story to tell. Our night was suppose to be dinner and a movie at the Epicentre, but it turned into an awful twist at Basil Thai Cuisine. We got to the Epicentre theatre 15 minutes before the movie started but thanks to our great luck the movie was sold out.

We said “No problem, we can still get dinner while we’re here” and decided to hit up the new hibachi restaurant in the Epicentre we read about on the Epicentre website. Well after walking around for 20 minutes, going up and down the stairs, and being completely confused… we found out that despite Fuji Hibachi already being listed on all of the Epicentre directories, the restaurant didn’t exist yet.

So off to plan three, lets go to Basil Thai Cuisine and check that off of our urbanspoon wishlist. After a brief walk through Uptown during a thunderstorm we arrived at Basil and were sitting in the fanciest Thai restaurants in the Queen city. We were seated quickly and within minutes we had chicken satay and fried wontons right in front of us. The satay was far from impressive but the fried wontons and the sweet / sour sauce was delicious. They had a perfectly light crunchy exterior and ample chicken / shrimp / cream cheese filling.



For dinner we went with the traditional Pad Thai and the Sweet and Sour Chicken. The Pad Thai came with rice noodles topped with chicken, shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions, peanuts, a delicious pad thai sauce that we will be talking about more in a second. The Pad Thai (according to Ella) was absolutely amazing but not the best she’s ever had… close but not quite. She got it one star spicy which made it a perfect balance of a little spicy a little sweet and just the right amount of peanut crunch.


The Sweet and Sour chicken came with onions, strips of bell peppers, scallions, cucumber pieces, chunks of tomato, and pineapple. The rice was sticky, the portions were plentiful, the flavors were both bold and fresh, and overall everything was absolutely delicious. Then the night turned south…


When we were getting ready to leave Ella asked the waitress for a small portion of either the pad thai or satay sauce to add to her leftovers the next day… this is where the night took an unexpected turn.

After a couple minutes the waitress came back and told us they wouldn’t provide a side of sauce because after adding the sauce the pad thai she got wouldn’t taste the same as when it was fresh. Obviously we understand that reheated leftovers are never as good as freshly made cuisine which is why were were requesting a small portion of sauce so we could add it and make it a little better. So… we voiced our disappointment and the waitress said she would check with the Kitchen Manager again but they may have to charge us. We said that would be fine, we have no problem with paying for extra sauce to go with our ($50) meal.

The waitress came back a second time and with the same answer… Basil would not give or sell a small portion of pad thai or satay sauce to us for our leftovers. We weren’t asking for a gallon of sauce, we weren’t asking for more food to take home, or for anything extraordinarily uncommon. All we wanted was a damn two ounce portion of sauce in a tiny plastic cup to add to our leftovers the next day. The idea that Basil would be so adamantly against providing some sauce for our leftovers was beyond us and left us speechless.

We were visibly dumbfounded and upset but rather than making a scene we opted for the kinder / gentler approach… we came home and wrote about our experience. We can only hope that this was a random occurrence and expect that most people have an amazing experience, unfortunately for us we did not. We can not recommend Basil based on our customer service experience and will not be making a return visit. Instead spend your night at Vietnam Grille, Thai 1st, Ben Thanh, or even better… go to Chen Fu!

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