Baked & Wired (Washington DC)

We planned a trip to DC and in typical UFL fashion we decided to visit 4 restaurants and the National Zoo in only 8 hours. We ended our DC adventure at the local favorite… Baked & Wired. From an outsiders perspective Baked & Wired is best described as bipster bakery/coffee bar with the touch of an art gallery. The menu features more items than I have time to list and its all displayed for your viewing pleasure from the second you walk in to when you make it to the register.

baked and wired


We got an assortment of goodies – peanut butter cookie, oatmeal raisin cookie, chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie, apple cider, mixed berry pie, peach ice cream sammie, raspberry bar, etc… We basically just pointed at everything that looked delicious and threw calories to the wind :)


If you’re visiting the DC area and are in desperate need of something sweet you need to get your way over to Baked and Wired.

ps… you gotta try the hippie crack :)

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