Another Broken Egg (SouthPark)

Another Broken Egg recently opened its SouthPark location and we got an invite to check them out before they opened up to the public. Another Broken Egg originally started out as as the Broken Egg Cafe in Mandeville, Louisiana back in 1996 and has grown steadily across the country ever since. We rarely pass up an opportunity to check out a new restaurant so we made our reservations and were on our way.

We started breakfast with the Baked Brie Delight with Apples, pecans & raisins sautéed in a Grand Marnier butter sauce over warm Brie cheese with toasted French bread. This was definitely the best part of our breakfast. The cheese was perfectly warm, soft. and gooey while the sautéed apples added the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the salty cheese. I usually see baked brie wrapped in puff pastry, but serving this dish with toasted bread added a crunch to the dish that really made it stand out.


I (Ella) got the Belgian Waffle with strawberries and bananas with a side of eggs and bacon. The waffle was delicious, but I have not had many waffles that are not. The strawberries and bananas were fresh and added a touch of fruitiness to a sticky sweet dish. The part that really stood out was the bacon. It was nice and thick and full of flavor.


I (Curtis) decided to step way out of my comfort zone and get the Benedict Oscar with Grilled flat iron steak, two poached eggs topped with garlic sautéed crabmeat & asparagus with Béarnaise. I hate seafood… and I’m not very keen on asparagus, but despite those shortcomings I really enjoyed this plate. It did seem a little heavy for a breakfast plate but the flat iron steak and and sautéed crabmeat were absolutely delicious. The only thing I didn’t particularly enjoy were the side lack luster side of squishy potatoes.


Another Broken Egg is a tremendous step above the average breakfast restaurants. The food was incredibly fresh and the menu was diverse without being overbearing. Its not a good spot if you’re in a hurry but if you want to kick back and relax while eating something delicious first thing in the morning then Another Broken Egg is a good spot to check out.

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