Amazing Wok

I tried Amazing Wok as to further expand my experiences with chinese restaurants around Charlotte. I ended up ordering the sesame chicken with fried rice and was thoroughly impressed with its plating when it arrived. The chicken ended up being average with nothing spectacular to draw me back and I ended up spending most of my night waiting.

  • Waiting for a refill, I was there for 40 min and never got a refill of water which was gone in the first ten.
  • Waiting for our food, I only ordered a plate of sesame chicken but ended up waiting 20 minutes for it to arrive.
  • Waiting for service, I spent about 40 minutes here and my waitress talked to me twice…. when I arrived she said “Are you ready to order?” and when she dropped of the bill she said “here”
  • Waiting for my bill, after finishing my food the bill took another ten minutes to arrive as my waitress seemed to be oblivious I was finished and just sitting there.

Overall I would say I’ve only been here once but I wont be going back because the food was only average and the service seemed to be non-existent.

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