Alexander Michael’s

Alexander Michael’s quickly became an unexpected favorite of ours.. that is,,, once we found it. Talking and following a GPS isn’t our strongest attribute so we might have taken a few wrong turns here and there before getting to Alexander Michael’s and even then we still thought we were lost because the restaurant isn’t located on a main road with a bunch of other restaurants around it. Instead its located in a well secluded residential section of Fourth Ward in Uptown Charlotte surrounded by beautiful Fourth Ward homes.

We hit them up on a Saturday night and only had to wait a few seconds for them to clear off a table and then we were seated. Our waitress was quick to arrive and though she didnt start the night off overly friendly… she was always on point and warmed up to us throughout the night. Within minutes of sitting down and immersing ourselves in the aura that is Alexander Michael’s… we were already falling in love with the place. It has this great local pub feel where you can genuinely go and hangout with your friends and just chill. There are only two tv’s in the restaurant… not like the 100’s of flat panels you get everywhere else. The vibe of the place really feels more centered on the restaurant experience and enjoying the company you’re there with and from the second I walked in I couldnt help but think of the irish pub in “ps. I love you”… yeah corny I know… whatever.

Shiner Bock was on tap and Ella couldn’t resist submerging herself in the complete tavern experience… so she started the night out right by getting a tall glass of beer :)

Anyway.. we got the fried pickles to start out the night and they were great. Probably the thinnest slices of fried pickles we have ever found and for only $4.50.. we were in love :) Super salty dill chips.. deep fried with a light crunch.. drowning in ranch dressing awesomeness… yummy :)

For Dinner we both had burgers on the brain so we each got a burger with a couple different toppings and sides. Ella got a burger with cheese, grilled onions and bacon with a side of onion rings. I got the burger with grilled onions and bacon with a side of cajun fries. Both burgers were amazing and some of the best we have ever found.

The bacon was thick cut.. the grilled onions were perfectly carmelized.. the bun was fresh and the burger.. well it was a half-pound of meaty greatness! The cajun fries were pretty good but nothing memorable (Five Guys is still way better) but the onion rings were out of this world!!! The had a mysterious batter that was both crunchy and soft at the same time.. it was almost like eating a cross between a onion ring and a hush puppy. I think we might be smellin a new Foodies Favorite????

Alexander Michael’s had the look.. the feel.. and the authentic taste of a neighborhood pub. Instead of wowing us with bright flashy lights and waitress’ with tight shirts… we got a great night out with each other with NO in-your-face distractions and some pretty dank-ass pub food :)

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