Akropolis Cafe at Arboretum

After hitting up the Greek Festival last week we’ve been having some lingering cravings for Greek food. Akropolis Cafe at the Arboretum is the closest to our house… so it was the easiest decision for our latest review. Tucked in the corner of the Arboretum shopping center, Akropolis Cafe is a long time resident of the South Charlotte dining scene and has been dishing out authentic Greek food for years. Tonight we got the supreme gyro (saulted onions, peppers, tomato), a gyro platter with fries, greek salad, 1/2 pita bread and would have tried the hummus… but for over $4 we decided to pass on it for the night.

The gyro platter ended up being as good as the picture looks… the best part being the Greek salad. The pita, the fries and the meat were all delicious but the dressing over the Greek salad quickly became the star of the plate and was so addictive we wanted to drown everything in it :)

Zeitouni Grill makes the best gyro we have ever had… but Akropolis Cafe does one pretty good too. The supreme gyro with fresh veggies and fresh meat rolled up in a grilled pita and wrapped in foil made for a delicious and unique twist on a traditional Greek favorite.

Not the best Greek food we’ve ever had but still holding its own in an area with a lack of choices otherwise. If you’re in the area and looking for some good Greek food… check out Akropolis cafe. If you’re in Ballantyne and looking for great Greek food go to Zeitouni Grill.

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