39 Rue de Jean (Charleston)

Part 2 – Charleston Foodie Adventure

For dinner we decided to do some window shopping on King St then dine at 39 Rue de Jean, that was before we realized there was a huge thunderstorm heading our way. After walking up and down Charleston’s famous King St for an hour (in a thunderstorm) we decided to go into Urban Outfitters and buy new outfits for our dinner (because we were completely soaked). Its not often we go on an unplanned shopping spree but we figured we were on vacation and we deserved it (we were completely drenched). We walked out sporting new outfits and a couple of extras then walked around the corner to feast on a fabulous French dinner.

39 Rue De Jean

We knew we were going to be eating dessert somewhere else and didn’t really find anything on the appitizers that looked irresistable so we stuck to getting only entree’s. I (Curtis) got the 10oz Brasserie Burger with Gruyère cheese and a side of pommes frites. I realize that by most accounts its sacreligious to get a burger at a French restaurant but I just can’t resist a burger when its on the menu. I’m a burger addict and figured the French make great food so a French burger would be amazing… it wasn’t.

The burger was way too thick, definitly overcooked, and the side of pommes frites were in much need of some ranch dresing. I’m sure the burger isn’t a great measure of the chefs talents but it was a failure nonetheless and nothing I would recommend. Ella got the Braised Short Ribs with espagnole sauce, fresh herbs, potato purée, and garlic spinach. Braised short ribs are for Ella what burgers are for me,  addictive and impossible to resist.

39 Rue de Jean definitely left us wanting a little more but not enough to not recommend the restaurant. The menu is diverse (escargots, quiche, burgers, sushi, etc..) and the chef is a Culinary Institute of Charleston graduate. Theres definitely something great at 39 Rue de Jean… we didn’t find it while we were there though.

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