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Charlotte’s Best Burgers

If you’re looking for Charlotte’s Best Burgers you’ve come to the right place. The Charlotte Observer has a Burger Bracket Tournament, the Charlotte Burger Blog has their “Seal of Approval”, and countless other people try to lay claim to knowing where the Best Burger in Charlotte is. Well… they’re all wrong. If you wan’t to find […]

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Zacks Hamburgers

Zack’s Hamburgers

I don’t know how I’ve lived in Charlotte for so long and never knew of Zack’s Hamburgers until recently. They’ve been around for nearly 4 decades and since our first visit the Zack’s Special burger has been on top of our Best Burgers in Charlotte list. Fifteen years after the first double arch invaded the […]


Sabor Latin Street Grill

Sabor Latin Street Grill recently opened in the in Elizabeth location of the former Phat Burrito… and before Phat Burrito it was the location of Snoops Grill. The location has seen some instability recently but with the opening of Sabor we’re hoping this is one restaurant thats here to stay. We’ve hit them up at […]

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The MayoBird

The MayoBird is moving?

Its not often a food truck finds overwhelming success, but Charlotte based food truck “The MayoBird” is breaking the mold. The MayoBird is about to park the truck and open the doors to a permanent location on East Blvd., in what used to be a Bruegger’s Bagels and Caribou Coffee location. Owner DeeDee Mills posted […]


Lumiere French Kitchen

Bistro la Bon, Cafe Monte, Georges Brasserie, and Amélie’s French Bakery are about to have a some fresh competition. From the same guys (Matthew Pera and Tom Condron) that brought The Liberty to SouthEnd, Lumiere French Kitchen will be their newest venture and is slated to open in the Wolfman-Pizza-turned-Einstein-Bagels spot by the Myers Park Harris […]

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Stagioni (Myers Park)

What do you do when you’re the creative mind behind two of Charlotte’s most celebrated restaurants and the winner of multiple awards? Thats right… you open another one. Bruce Moffett (the man behind Barrington’s and Good Food on Montford) is a James Beard nominated chef, was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by Charlotte Magazine, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with Honors, […]


Salsaritas Worlds Hottest Burrito featuring the Carolina Reaper

How do you get the Worlds Hottest Burrito? Easy… mix in the Worlds Hottest Pepper and you’ve got the Worlds Hottest Burrito. The Guinness Book of World Records recently awarded PuckerButt Pepper Co. of Fort Mill, SC with the highly esteemed honor for its Carolina Reaper pepper. Charlotte, NC based Salsarita’s decided to team up […]


Lumiere French Kitchen (Myers Park)

Lumiere French Kitchen finally opened in Myers Park last night and to be quite honest… they still had a lot of kinks to work on. We’ve got Charlotte’s first recap on the highly anticipated opening and its probably a little more doom & gloom than anybody will like. Lumiere is the latest creation from the […]

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Bistro la Bon (Dessert)

After visiting Soul Gastrolounge for a second look we took a stroll down the block and checked out Bistro la Bon for Dessert. We’ve been to Bistro la Bon for brunch but never for dessert and wow… it was awesome. The photos don’t do it justice but I can easily say Bistro la Bon has […]

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Grilled Cheese Masterpiece

We hit up Charlotte’s Premier Grilled Cheese Food Truck (Papi Queso) a few weeks ago and fell in love with their depth of flavor combinations and creativity. Then today happened… I found this on buzzfeed.com. Its a very lengthy list of mouthwatering cheese filled heavenly grilled sandwiches that are sure to tempt your tastebuds. We’re […]


Most Expensive Restaurant in America

Wondering what the Most Expensive Restaurant in America is? No worries, we’ve got your Top Ten list right here. When you want to seriously flaunt your obscene wealth at dinner you head to one of these restaurants. How many have you checked off your list? Masa – Named after famed Chef Masa this is America’s […]


Papi Queso (Charlotte Food Truck)

On a recent rainy morning we were driving around looking for something to eat with nothing particular in mind. Then it happened… we passed the Papi Queso truck while it was heading down Central. It didn’t even take a second for us to look at each other and know a gourmet grilled cheese was just […]


Your Moms Donuts

Where can you get a handmade donut made with locally sourced ingredients… ah yes… Your Moms Donuts. Don’t confuse this with having your mom make an ill-fated attempt at baking donuts in your home kitchen. Your Moms Donuts is Charlotte’s only Farm to Table Donut Shop and uses NC organically grown flour, pastured dairy and […]

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Bruce Moffett didn’t win the Fire in the City Competition Dining Series… but with his latest restaurant concept he is certainly well on his way to winning over foodies throughout the Queen City. We’ve already been to Barringtons and loved every single bite, Good Food on Montford is one of our favorite places to eat […]


What is Umami?

What is Umami? There are five main recognized taste sensations… sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and then theres umami. To put it short, umami is a distinct (but difficult to describe) flavor caused by the interaction of glutamates (a naturally occurring amino acid) with receptors on the tongue. In addition to having a unique standalone flavor, […]